Endermologie is one of the most modern and also the most effective methods of reducing cellulite and stretch marks. Endermologie slims and shapes the body, firms the skin, and even heals the scars.

This treatment effectively stimulates the skin tissue and acts on its deep layers. In addition, it stimulates circulation and metabolism. It stimulates the lymphatic system, allowing the body to removed toxins & fats. It enables the increased production of elastin and collagen, which perfectly improves the firmness or elasticity of the skin.

With our experience and the use of the renowned LPG equipment we can safely and effectively fight against cellulite, body fat and flabby skin, and also help in treating venous insufficiency, scars, swelling, post traumatic tendons or muscles. LPG equipment is also used before and after lifting and liposuction treatment.


  • 1 treatment 45 minutes 120 PLN
  • 5 treatments 550 PLN
  • 10 treatments + overalls free 1000 PLN
  • 15 treatments + overalls free 1350 PLN
  • The suit 60 PLN
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