Massage for 2 Cracow

Show your love with massage for 2 in Cracow

Do you want to spend time with a loved one or in a small group of friends (from 2 to 5 persons)? A deeply relaxing massage in a cozy atmosphere is the perfect way to celebrate the time spent together, so book Masarnia’s massage for 2 in Cracow and treat yourself along with your loved ones. Put your body in our hands - his, hers or yours - to get rid of stress, tension and achieve a compelling state of blissful relaxation. Your partner or friends, depending on who you will choose to share this experience with, will be forever grateful!

Experience luxury together

Relaxation massage will help you strengthen relationships and break away from daily monotony. Thanks to Masarnia’s opportunity of experiencing the massage for 2 in Kraków, we will sooth your senses, providing a pleasant state of relaxation and balance. As part of the additional attractions we will offer wine tasting or strengthen sensations using hot chocolate during the massage. All of this completed with an intimate atmosphere, the sounds of romantic music and the aroma of candles or incenses.

All you need is Masarnia’s massage for 2

Let us be honest with you - everyone once in awhile deserves a me-time. Masarnia’s massage for 2 is a great opportunity to share an amazingly relaxing experience with someone you love and care about. Furthermore, it is you who decide who will be performing this treatment! It could be one of our professional masseurs, but does not have to. You can decide to be the one giving the massage. Sounds great, right? We can promise that this experience will bring you and your loved ones even closer, allowing all of you to cherish these memories forever.

Offered massage for 2 in Cracow is available in our centre located on Morelowa Street. Our place is truly special. We have created a perfect team of professionals who will impress you with their skills, knowledge and approach. Our clients are extremely important to us and that is why we treat them with respect and perform every treatment with an utmost care matched with their individual needs and expectations. If you are interested in booking an appointment for massage for 2, please contact us in order to make a reservation.

Massage available with prior reservation.


  • ​60 minutes 500 zł
  • ​90 minutes 640 zł
  • ​120 minutes 780 zł
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