Prenatal massage

Do you want to fully enjoy the time of pregnancy? Do you want to ensure a good mood, reduce health problems and prevent cosmetic defects?

Put your body in our hands to properly take care of yourself and the baby. Prenatal massage performed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, and reduces swelling. Thanks to this technique we regulate blood pressure, and also reduce the pain in the spine, pelvis and legs. We will improve nutrition and oxygenation of cells, tissues and organs. We will increase the skin elasticity, preventing the formation of stretch marks. We will stimulate the immune system, activating the body's defenses. We will increase vitality and awareness of body sensation (required at childbirth). We will improve vitality, mood, and clam nerves by providing a pleasant state of relaxation.

Massage available with prior reservation.

​60 minutes 260 zł

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