Exertional sports massage (after training)

Do you play sports and need a quick recovery after a workout? Do you feel that you lack the strength to improve and reach your goals? The effect of a regenerative massage is two or even three times higher than that of passive rest.

Put your body in our hands, and reduce the recovery time of your body. After only four hours of an intense workout (or optimally the next day) we can provide you with deep relaxing wellness. Thanks to massage we will remove the negative effects of overtraining, such as soreness or cramps. We will reduce muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, as well as taking you to a state of pleasant relaxation. We provide effective rehabilitation for the body, as well as adding vitality and positive motivation.

Massage available immediately.

​60 minutes 180 zł
​90 minutes 220 zł
​120 minutes 240 zł