Sports massage before training

Sports massage in Cracow will increase your performance

Do you want to prepare the body for a workout? Achieve better results while avoiding unpleasant injury? Place your body in our hands while receiving professional sports massage in Cracow and we will properly prepare it for exercise. We will take care of the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments, as well as the mobility of joints. We will help you achieve better results. We will increase the ability of your muscle function and coordination. We shall eliminate muscle tension, cramps or soreness, so they can't stop your increase in fitness and form.

Prepare your body for physical effort

As we all know - athletes’ bodies are exposed to enormous physical effort on a daily basis. Our sports massage will help you reduce effects of high intensity trainings and load your body experiences so often. Regeneration is the key point of achieving your dream body and making your workouts even more effective. Masarnia’s treatment will definitely help you with it! Thanks to our techniques your muscles soreness will go away and you will gain an extra boost to train harder with more effectiveness.

Masarnia’s sports massage can help you with achieving your dream body

Masarnia’s sports massage performed in Cracow is dedicated to everyone who wishes to gain better results in their performance. Whether you are an professional athlete or just simply a gym lover - we will make sure to adjust our treatment to your specific and personal sporty needs. Our knowledge and skills make it possible to help you with increasing not only your coordination, but also your muscles’ ability to recover, leaving you ready to reach for the impossible. Improve your training results with us!

Offered by Masarnia, sports massage in Cracow last 30 minutes. It is just enough time to prepare your body for a physical effort of the highest intensity. Forget about soreness, cramps and tension - our qualified masseurs will make this all go away. After our treatment you will most definitely feel relaxed and regenerated. This will positively improve your performance. Give your body a boost of energy and a little bit of pleasure it truly deserves after working hard for so long, and make your appointment today! Massage available immediately.


  • 30 minutes 200 zł
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