Massage in the dark Cracow

Massage in the dark in Cracow will lighten your senses

Does stress and the pace of life keep your body in a constant state of tension? Due to an excess of stimuli, any attempt to relax ends in frustration and exasperation. Our massage in the dark offered in Cracow might be just the right solution for you. Due to the darken environment around you, your body will be able to feel even more and experience the treatment that will leave you relaxed, calm and clear mind. Effects are truly surprising so we do recommend everyone to clear their schedule from time to time and treat themselves with some well deserved me-time.

Calm your senses in the unique atmosphere

Put your body in our hands, and we will soothe your senses, thereby eliminating tension. With a massage in the dark you will be able to rediscover the pleasure of unobstructed relaxation. Total darkness soothes the eyesight and sharpens the other senses and will provide you with the extensive experience and pleasure of massage. The result? Blissful calmness of the senses, deep relaxation, inner peace and a desired intensive rejuvenation. Trust us, you are going to fall in love with this technique and definitely will come back to experience it again.

Experience unobstructed relaxation with Masarnia’s massage in the dark

Massage in the dark offered in Cracow is a great solution for anyone who feels exhausted but still has to be on top on their game and work really hard on a daily basis. As we all know, when we are tired everything can bother us. That is why experiencing a relaxing treatment in a darken room might bring you comfort and will help you calm your nerves. All of your senses will be focused on a touch of our professional masseurs and that is what makes this method so special. You can literally feel the stress go away!

Masarnia’s massage in the dark is a well-deserved break from experiencing extreme life pace causing the person to frustrate and stress every single day. This type of lifestyle can be very harmful so it is mightily important for all of us to take a moment to just relax and breathe. Our centre will most definitely help you with bringing back or simply maintaining the balance between your body and soul, you can be sure to experience blissful harmony here. So do not wait any longer and call us to book an appointment for our massage in the dark in Cracow since this kind of massage is only available with prior reservation.

Massage available with prior reservation.


  • ​60 minutes 350 zł
  • ​90 minutes 430 zł
  • ​120 minutes 500 zł
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