Lomi Lomi massage Cracow

Experience Lomi Lomi massage in Cracow

Are you looking for a pleasant way to achieve body and mind balance? Do you want to feel the deeply relaxing effect of the centuries-old Hawaiian art of massage on your skin? Our Lomi Lomi massage offered in Cracow is the perfect solution for you if you have answered at least once to the above questions. This well-known and perfected over the centuries technique will give your body a huge boost of energy and flexibility, leaving your mind and soul feeling blissfully calm, relaxed and regenerated.

Put your body in our hands, and we will introduce you to technique, which as a ceremony of purification and healing, was a closely guarded secret of Kahunas temples. This deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi massage performed in Kraków relaxes muscles, improves metabolism and digestion, improves the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Thanks to it, we will increase flexibility and joint mobility, and we will impact positively on the rejuvenation of the entire body too. You just cannot say no to all of these amazing benefits!

Explore amazing benefits of Lomi Lomi massage

Masarnia’s services are not only about taking an utmost care of your body, but also looking after your soul and peacefulness. Lomi Lomi massage by relaxing the muscles gets rid of tension (resulting from stress), which unlocks the free flow of energy. Moreover, at the emotional and spiritual level, a massage will help you gain a new perspective, provide energy, strength and motivation, and increase self-acceptance. This technique is an amazing way to maintain a healthy balance between your body and soul.

Are you ready to achieve harmony? If so, our masseurs perform this unique technique called Lomi Lomi in Kraków on Morelowa Street. Our centre was carefully designed to ensure your comfort and well-being at all times. We work extremely hard every single day to exceed our clients’ highest expectations and meet their specific and individual needs. Masarnia was created to help you with achieving profound relaxation, full health and joy. Massages are available immediately, so do not wait any longer and visit us right away!

Massage available immediately.


  • 60 minutes 320 zł
  • 90 minutes 400 zł
  • 120 minutes 450 zł
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