Lymphatic drainage

Are you tired of the heavy legs feeling, the constant recurring swelling, water cellulite or "bags" under the eyes?

Put your body in our hands and feel the relief straight after the first visit. Drainage is a pleasant, relaxing form of stimulation and fluid circulation improvement in the lymphatic system. With this technique we will effectively reduce lymphatic stasis and improve metabolism. We will correct peripheral circulation, eliminating the feeling of heavy, cold legs. We will take care of the skin condition and also help you fight cellulite. We will strengthen the body's immunity and cleanse it of toxins. We will help you regenerate the body after pregnancy. We will speed up the process of rehabilitation after injury, as well as the absorption of swellings, bruises or hematomas.

Massage available with prior reservation.

​60 minutes 260 zł
​90 minutes 340 zł
​120 minutes 420 zł

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